APS mostly needed in South Kazakhstan - Shkolnik

Astana. April 17. KazTAG - Southern Kazakhstan needs construction of an atomic power station more than other regions, said Vladimir Shkolnik, chair of "Kazatomprom" national company.

"Southern Kazakhstan is the most energy deficient region, and of course, the ground of Balkhash station, which needs energy sources and has been facing deficit," he said to KazTAG reporter commenting of the priority of the APS construction.

In his words, 2 grounds for the station construction are being considered at the moment.

"The ground of Balkhash GRES for South-Kazakhstan station, it is in Balkhash, and the second one- in the district of Kurchatov city," he added.

How many stations will be constructed- one or two- is still unclear.

"It will be decided, in a row, or simultaneously, this question has not been solved yet," he said.