"Are you dissatisfied with MIA work?" - police called in activists claiming reforms for questioning in Almaty

Date: 11:57, 25-07-2019.

Almaty. July 25. KazTAG - The participants of the civil initiative "We are demanding reform in the Ministry of Interior Affairs RK"  (MIA) have been called in for questioning in Almaty.
"Three activists of a well-known Kazakhstani initiative civil group " We are demanding reform of MIA RK" have been called in for questioning in Almaty on the plea of discussing the meeting on August 4.
The activists said were not served  summons, they were called in by phone
Asem Zhapsheva, activist,  added the investigator asked to invite other participants of the press conference planned on July 19 for a talk.
"Instead of discussing organization of the meeting, investigator Yersary Nusupbayev from the investigation police department of Almaty tried to interrogate us. He refused to name my status and the case for which I was invited. I found my status in the protocol which he tried to give me to sign, instead of signing the protocol I handed him a statement where I pointed violation of my rights, call in for questioning on false pretenses, impossibility to invite a lawyer and illegal detention in the building of the police department without duly procedural ground," said Nauryzbayev.
Another activist said the second interrogator wondered about the reason of organization of the press conference on July 19 and call for a meeting dedicated to the MIA reform. The policeman said: "Are you dissatisfied with MIA work?", said the activists.
"The activists were subjected to psychological pressure, there were attempts to get a sign of refusal to testify in the wording they need," added Zhapisheva.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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