Arys inhabitant: no works conducted in the city, mass media show only some houses

Date: 11:26, 30-07-2019.

Astana. July 30. KazTAG - No works are being conducted in Arys, mass media show only some houses, said Saule Ilyamova, inhabitant of the city.
"I came to Nur-Sultan from Arys on behalf of all the city dwellers. There are many of us. No works are being conducted in Arys. They are working only for those who have money, for authorities, who have high ranks. The news shows only those houses which have minor damages - windows, doors, roofs. They are restoring doors, windows and show them in the news saying that restoration works are being conducted in Arys. Come to the city, walk and see," she said in the House of Ministries.
In her words, people from akimat arrived the day before.
"People from akimat came yesterday, we addressed to them, they sent us to the people responsible for the 12th sector, we went there, and they sent us to the akimat. They directed us from one instance to another. Finally, it was revealed that people from Aktobe are responsible for our sector, they delivered asbestos sheeting, left it and said that further, we have to repair the houses ourselves," she said.
Deputy chairman of the committee on construction affairs and housing-communal economy Almaz Ydyrysov promised Ilyamova to come to Arys and inspect the houses.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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