Astronauts will test coffee machine and 3-D printer at the ISS

Date: 15:25, 13-11-2014.

Baikonur. November 13. KazTAG - The crew  42/43 of the expedition will test a new 3-D printer and try drinks from a coffee-machine at the International Space Station.
"A 3-D printer has been first brought to the ISS as well as specially constructed coffee machine which will make tea and coffee for the crew," said the astronauts.
The crew members Anton Shkaplerov (Russia), Samantha Christoforetti (Italy) and Terry Wurst (US) shared their plans with journalists at Baikonur spaceport.
"Experiments connected with Earth observation are interesting for me. For this reason I spend a lot of time with photo and video cams," sai dShkaplerov.
Christoforetti said she took  part in  many experiments of the European Space Agency, sleep study experiment will be interesting for her.
“For this I will put on a special shirt with transducers," she said.

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