Attack on journalists in Almaty was planned; statement of minister puts journalists under threat- lawyer

Almaty. July 24. KazTAG - The attack on journalists in Almaty has been planned, while the statement of Yerlan Turgumbayev, Minister of Interior Affairs, puts the employees of mass media under threat, said Galym Nurpeisov, lawyer.
"There was a planned scenario. When we entered with the mother of Oksana Shevchuk into the press-lounge, several "mothers of many children" of athletic body suddenly came up to us. They were pushing me, it was a provocation, I used force. As a lawyer I realized I couldn't give in to provocations. I tried to get through to Oksana Shevchuk's mom, and I did it. I blocked her from these women, but at suddenly there was a very strong jerk, they threw me out of this circle and two or three of these women stuck to me, who held me and tried to provoke me. Several other women at this time put psychological pressure on the mother of Shevchuk, ” he said.
In addition, he drew attention to the fact that there were two other groups with clear tasks. The task of one group, he said, was to create maximum noise and chaos, and when reporters appeared, another group emerged from the crowd of attacking women, which purposefully prevented them from filming what was happening, grabbed phones and broke video cameras.
At the same time, he marked considerable physical training of women who introduced themselves as mothers of many children.
“They were not just women. They were really physically strong. I am a man, I feel my strength, and with these pushing away, trying to hold me back, I really felt physical strength," he said.
According to Nurpeisov, Minister Turgumbayev’s attempt to present the incident as a domestic conflict puts journalists under threat.
“The Interior Minister said about yesterday’s event that it was an accident, a standard everyday conflict, where both parties are guilty and there are no reasons for unrest. As a lawyer and just as a person, I was really alerted by this approach and this attitude. Here the question concerns the integrity of journalists, because journalists are a special category of people who receive information and transmit it in accordance with the law. That is, without journalists, we will never have reliable information. The 158th article in the Criminal Code  protects the journalists. If the authorized officials consider this event as an ordinary event, we have a crisis of confidence, ”said Nurpeisov.
According to him, such attempts to impede the legitimate professional activities of journalists have not been seen even in Syria and in eastern Ukraine.
“I believe that our journalists are under attack and under threat. I think that the attack on journalists was a definite message that it would be enough for you to cover what you have, do what they tell you. I see no other explanation. Even when we look at the situation in Syria, we do not see journalists being attacked. Even in eastern Ukraine, journalists work there," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source