Attorneys for human rights applied to prosecutor general and Supreme Court following activists' arrest in Almaty

Date: 15:05, 24-04-2019.

Almaty. April 24. KazTAG - The attorneys for human rights have applied to Gizat Nurdauletov, prosecutor general, and Zhakip Asanov, chairman of Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, following activists arrest in Almaty.
"Civil activists Asiya Tulesova and Beibarys Tolybekov have been sentenced 15 years administrative arrest under point 3 Art.488- for violation of the order of organizing peaceful meetings, rallies, processions, demonstrations. In the evening of April 21 , the appeals instance of the Almaty City Court upheld the decision of the court of first instance. On April 22, civil society activists Suinbike Suleimenova, Aigul Nurbolatova and Aidos Nurbolatov were convicted under the same article of the Administrative Code. According to police, "they were also holding a banner." We believe that the detentions and court rulings on this incident have nothing in common with the real facts and are not based on the law, ” reads the statement of the Charter for Human Rights, International Foundation for the Defense of Freedom of Speech Adil Soz and  Kazakhstan's International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law.
Human rights activists indicated that placing banners is not a form of expression of public, group or personal interests and protest listed in the law "On the procedure for organizing and conducting peaceful meetings, rallies, processions, pickets and demonstrations in the Republic of Kazakhstan."
“Placement of banners is not an action prohibited by the Article 5 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the procedure for organizing and holding peaceful assemblies, rallies, processions, pickets and demonstrations in the Republic of Kazakhstan ”. Other banners were also placed on the route of the marathon that did not call any reaction of the police, " reads the statement.
They noted that the content of the banner that had outraged the police officers “does not contain illegal, inaccurate or even negative information”.
“The statements of the police saying that: a)“ People who wanted to take pictures of the activists began running to the road, thereby creating obstacles to the runners, ”- cannot be considered to be true as they contradict the video records; b) “there could be a crush and panic, with sad consequences” - cannot be considered evidence of an offense, since these are only unfounded assumptions; c) “there was obvious disrespect towards the participants of the marathon” - cannot be considered in a judicial procedure, as they fall into the category of value judgments," reads the statement.
Human rights activists believe that with the banner saying “You can’t run away from the truth" young civilian activists expressed support for the statement of the current president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who said: “I guarantee that the elections will be held honestly, openly, fairly! ”

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