Authorities of Kazakhstan do not find contradictions between membership in CSTO and military cooperation with Turkey

Date: 15:10, 30-10-2019.

Astana. October 30. KazTAG - Timur Dandybayev, Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan, does not see any contradictions between the membership of the state in the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the military cooperation with Turkey.
"Turkey is a member of NATO, its army fully complies with the standards and requirements of this military unit. Kazakhstani army is equipped with weapons that comply with the standards and the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). However, there is a difference in the standards of these military alliances. How will the mutual logistical support be provided, how will the exchange with military property be regulated, and what exactly is planned to be delivered within the framework of the agreement? ”asked Mikhail Chirkov, Majilis deputy at the discussion of the bill “ On ratification of the agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of Turkey on military cooperation ".
Answering a question, Dandybayev said that Turkey is a partner of Kazakhstan not only in the field of military cooperation but also in other areas, therefore, "our approach is transparent."
“We fulfil our obligations in the CSTO and in respect of the states we have other relations with. It should be noted that Turkey was one of the states that first recognized the independence of Kazakhstan and provided practical assistance in the amount of $ 5 million in 1998  - in addition to certain equipment supply, a plant was created which produces a huge number of optical devices, mine detectors and so on. We have very active relations with this country, and we would like to stay at an equidistant distance and at the same time not to distort the relations and obligations with other countries," he said.

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