Average cost of exported gas to China makes $126 per 1 000 cu m

Date: 09:17, 27-05-2014.

Almaty. May 27. KazTAG - The average cost of Kazakhstani gas sold to China makes $126 per 1 000 cu m, reports RBK-TV channel.

According to the independent international agency Argus FSU Energy which referred to the RBK-TV, the average cost of gas at the border with China makes: $126/1000 cu m with Kazakhstan, $335/1000 cu m with Uzbekistan, $366 000 cu m with Turkmenistan, $417/1000 cu m with Myanmar.

Meanwhile the RBK referring to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch declared that the average cost of Russian gas import to China may  be $380-400 per 1000 cu m.

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