AzeeAir and JenisAir re-registered in Kyrgyzstan after gun scandal

Date: 13:19, 24-09-2020.

Almaty.  September 24. KazTAG -  Airlines, against which the UN imposed sanctions following arms supplies to Libya, have re-registered in Kyrgyzstan, said Peter Griffiths, CEO of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.
“Regarding AzeeAir LLP and JenisAir LLP, we know that they are continuing their flights to Libya, since they have transferred their aircraft and have now registered them in Kyrgyzstan," he said.
He pointed out that the third airline, Sigma Airlines,has been prohibited to fly to Europe.
“Together with the European Union, we have taken appropriate measures in respect of Sigma Airlines. Today Sigma Airlines does not have the right to fly to Europe in order to secure European countries, ” he said.
According to Griffiths, only two of the employees of these airlines are citizens of Kazakhstan.
“The citizens of Kazakhstan are not involved in these violations, only a few, only two citizens of Kazakhstan who work for Sigma Airlines. Kazakhstani citizens do not work for them, except for  head of Sigma Airlines, Mr. Kenesbayev, who is a citizen of Kazakhstan," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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