Banner with words "Country rots from the head" installed in Almaty

Date: 10:51, 03-12-2019.

Almaty. December 3. KazTAG - A banner with the words "Country rots from the head" was installed on the intersection of Sain and Shalyapin streets in Almaty.
"With this action we want to remind to the officials that the situation in the country is a direct result of bad management and egoistic priorities. Up to date, corruption and violence dominate in the state when devaluation and mortgage loans have reached their height; when the law is vicious, in the time when we pompously mark "The day of the first president," wrote Telegram channel Ruck2k19.
The statement said the schoolchildren, students, officials are obliged to express gratefulness to the leader of the nation, while renaming of the streets, capital, construction of memorials and portraits in all the central streets of the cities indicate that the power has been in one hands for several decades and it has resulted in the cult of personality.
"Kazakhstan has been striving for its independence not for the sake of such " bright future". We want to make people understand that the destiny of the state is in our hands. We have the right to say "no" to it, we have the right for the freedom of speech and we must strive for this right," said the message.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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