Bashar Asad won Presidential election in Syria

Date: 02:54, 05-06-2014.

Almaty. June 5. KazTAG - Bashar Asad has won the Presidential election in Syria, reports the RBK.

"Bashar Asad has won the Presidential elections in Syria getting 88.7% votes. The data have been declared by Mohammad al-Laham, Parliament Speaker," reads the message.

According to the Speaker, B. Asad "has become a President of Syria getting the majority of votes".

The elections were held on June 3 in the conditions of civil war which lasts for three years. The voting was held only in the districts controlled by the Syrian Governmental forces. According to the central electoral commission the attendance made up 73.42%.

Asad will take the post of the President for the third time. He won the election in 2000 and 2007.


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