Baurzhan Asaubayev died in traffic accident in Almaty region

Date: 09:07, 21-01-2015.

Taldykorgan. January 21. KazTAG - Baurzhan Asaubayev has died in the traffic accident in Almaty region, reports the traffic police department.
"At about 8.00 am a lethal traffic accident occurred on the 99th km of Almaty-Bishkek highway nearby Uzynagash village. Lexus 570 ran onto the oncoming lane and crashed into a cranmobile. As a result, passenger Baurzhan Asaubayev died on the scene. The driver Musabekov was taken to the central district hospital of Zhambyl region," said the department of internal affairs.
The cause of the accident is being investigated.
B. Asaubayev is a son of Kanat Asaubayev, owner of Altyn Group Kazakhstan. In 1999-2009 B. Asaubayev worked as a vice president of Kazakhaltyn.

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