Bek Air declares impossibility to refund money for air tickets due to revocation of certificate

Date: 10:03, 13-01-2020.

Almaty. January 13. KazTAG - Bek Air has declared impossibility of money refund for the air tickets due to revocation of certificate.
"This revocation will result in impossibility of secondary operations with air tickets in the booking system. Thus, refund and rebooking and transfer of passengers to the flights of other companies will be impossible. It may cancel previous refunds in the booking system and impossibility to access the database," said the air company.
The company said the certificate of operation was suspended with violations and asked the Ministry of Industry and Innovational Development to assist its recovery.
The company declared that on the basis of the rules for certification and issuance of a certificate for the operator of civil aircrafts, the authorized organization must provide explanations about the suspension of the certificate of the operator and the reasons.
“However, the authorized organization – JSC Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan  has provided no explanation on the suspension of the certificate of the operator. It has not provided any information on the reasons for the suspension in a written form. For our part, we consider this case as a gross violation," said the air company.

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