Bek Air said admonitions of Aviation administration of Kazakhstan are non-objective

Date: 15:18, 21-01-2020.

Almaty. January 21. KazTAG - Bek Air company said that the admonitions of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan are non-objective.
"Bek Air company received a letter of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan on January 20 2020. In fact, many admonitions in the act are non-objective," said the company.
Regarding the lack of plates on some engines, the company said that during operation due to vibrations and other impacts on aircraft, some identification plates on some units may be lost.
“Bek Air  has experience losing plates from some units during operation. In this regard, it was decided to remove plates which were weakly attached to the most important and expensive units (usually engines) and store them in the office of the aviation engineering service, and keep records of units according to entries in the logbooks and unit forms. The plates were installed on the units if they were sent for replacement or repair, ” said the company.
It is also reported that over the years there has not been a single case of confusion or unaccounted removal and installation of units on aircrafts, all plates are intact and were presented to the inspectors.
“Nevertheless, on the base of recommendation of inspectors, it was decided to make duplicate plates that will be installed on the units (which are also not prohibited) and will allow keeping track of the movement of units along with entries in the logbooks and forms. This information was submitted to the inspectors," reads the statement.
Responding to the claim of the AAC about the transfer of units from one aircraft to another, the airline management says that Bek Air initially planned to unify its fleet by choosing the type of aircraft - Fokker-100.
“Unification of operating aircraft allows us to have more than double reserve of aircraft to cover the current schedule, as well as use units from one aircraft that is constantly on heavy basic maintenance, for installation on other aircraft with their subsequent return after repair or replacement. These operations are not prohibited by management documents and are practised worldwide, ”Bek Air said.

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