Bektenov was offered to drive from Almaty to Otar to assess condition of roads

Almaty. February 21. KazTAG – Journalist Aset Matayev offered new Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov to ride from Almaty to Otar in order to assess the condition of the roads.
“I hope that the new Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov will be able to come, drive from Almaty to Otar, or maybe from Otar to Almaty, and see what kind of roads we have. The road has been under repair, if I’m not mistaken, for three or four years now. In Kyrgyzstan, the Chinese built the road to Issyk-Kul from Bishkek, widened the bridges, made a gorge, strengthened the mountains so that the stones would not fall, and they did this within three or four years. It is 250 km,” Matayev said commenting on the condition of roads in Almaty and Zhambyl regions, which he filmed.
He also drew attention to the unsatisfactory performance of the KazAvtoZhol company.
“I heard that Olzhas  Bektenov told officials: “Those who don’t want to work, please, leave.” I heard that earlier in the KazAvtoZhol branch the salary of the branch director per month was  $10 thousand to the management. "KazAvtoZhol" - they are responsible for the maintenance of roads, they are engaged in clearing, yesterday I was driving from Almaty to Bishkek - half of the route is icy.  Cars get into accidents, trucks cannot move. And where is this money that we pay – transport, car taxes? A deputy from the Turkestan region correctly raised the question that we pay tolls on our roads, but other road users, in particular trucks, do not pay tolls to travel through the territory of Kazakhstan,” the journalist said.
He cited the example of Europe and the USA, where in addition to toll roads there is an alternative of free roads, while in Kazakhstan there are no alternatives to toll roads.

Photo source: picture from an open source