Belarus President claims Government to defend national interests fiercely in EEU

Date: 09:10, 16-01-2015.

Almaty. January 16. KazTAG - Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko claimed the Government to implement the course on deepening of Eurasian integration under fierce protection of the national interests, reports the BelTA news agency.
According to the message he set the task at the 6th session of the chamber of representatives of the National assembly.
"On all the levels we must hold the policy of equal union creation, without withdrawals and limitation of traffic of goods, services, capital and work power," he said.
"My claim to the Government- implement the course on gradual deepening of Eurasian integration under fierce and proactive protection of national interests. We must use our competitive benefits, not lose the potential opportunities and take a beneficial niche," he said.

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