Bishkek mayor said he is not magician and cannot develop capital without money

Date: 08:37, 30-04-2014.

Almaty. April 30. KazTAG - Bishkek mayor Kubanchybek Kulmatov presented a new program of the capital development and declared the current program is ineffective, reports the KyrTAG news agency.

"The current development program is ineffective. Am I a magician? With the budget that you adopted the city will just function, it won't develop," he said.

However, the new program presented by the mayor has been criticized by the deputies.

"Many things in the document do not point financing. The program has a declarative character. It has no concrete measures for combating shade economy, unemployment. It is a concept and there is no clear implementation program," said Mirlan Zheenchoroyev, leader of the Republic fraction.

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