Brother of Nursultan Kudebayev: statement of Tezekbayeva to the president - absolutely untruth

Date: 16:40, 30-09-2019.

Almaty. September 30. KazTAG - The statement of Dina Tezekbayeva, wife of Kanat Tezekbayev, chief doctor of the Almaty city hospital N4 to President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is absolutely untruth, said Bakhtiyar Abdraimov, brother of Nursultan Kudebayev.
"She said that doctor Tezekbayev was against transportation of N. Kudebayev from hospital N7 to hospital N4 after he suffered in a traffic accident. We have a video (which was shown during a press-conference-KazTAG) that he could walk in the time of transportation to hospital N4 and he was in average condition," said Abdraimov.
He also said that from July 30 until August1 (he had a surgery in hospital N 4 on August 1), Kudebayev was conscious, after the surgery he stayed in hospital N4 for 20 days, on August 21 he was transported to Germany where he died.
"There is only false information in the statement of Tezekbayeva. She said that doctor Tezekbayev was against transportation of the patient to Germany, but there is a document which he signed where he allowed the transportation. He accompanied us to the plane, he put on the iron lung (brother could not breath). The statement that he was transported to an unknown hospital is also false. We reached an agreement with a hospital in Germany on August 17," he added.
He said Kudebayev did not have any surgeries in Germany, doctors said he had almost no chances to survive.
"In the time of surgery he had a heart failure, we think that it was because of a mistake of an anesthesiologist. German doctors told us the patient had not been duly prepared for the surgery," he said.
Lawyer Aiman Umarova added that "cynicism of Tezekbayev is that he sent almost a dead patient to Germany".
"We claim to attract anesthesiologist and Tezekbayev to responsibility, because he was making a surgery. Within the frameworks of investigation different expertise will be appointed, but due to corporate solidarity we are afraid that they are trying to mislead us," he said.
According to Abdraimov, Nursultan Kudebayev fell from a quad bike on July 28, he suffered comminuted fracture of the clavicle, scapula, four ribs, first he was hospitalized in hospital No. 7, and on July 30 he was transferred to hospital No. 4. Kudebayev’s sudden cardiac failure occurred during an operation on August 1. On August 21, he was taken to Germany.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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