BTA Bank and KKB anticipating distressed period - Zhusupova

Date: 08:23, 09-04-2014.

Almaty. April 9. KazTAG - The unified BTA Bank and Kazkommertsbank are anticipating quite distressed period, said Nina Zhusupova, chair of Kazkommertsbank.

"I talked to my colleague from the BTA Bank who works with clients. The ideas are clear, the period is hard now, they have quite ailing situation with the staff, quite big problems with some things. I told him: now it's important for the clients not to leave us all the way," she said.

"He answered, “Everybody who could leave, did. The most reliable clients have stayed". I hope so much. Because now the BTA Bank and we are experiencing quite distressed period," she added.

Talking about the upcoming unification of BTA and KKB- the project is quite difficult. Each institute has its strong and weak sides.

"From the point of view of work scale that we plan to conduct with the colleagues from the BTA. There are few precedents which may be successful. We can't say now that one plua one- we'll get two or even three. It isn't so. If we get two- it will be a very good result. We are looking at our two banks as an opportunity to become very effective, very profitable and client-oriented bank," she said.

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