Businessmen plan to propose amendments into ecological code in H2

Date: 03:02, 21-05-2014.

Astana. May 21. KazTAG - Businessmen will propose amendments into the ecological code of Kazakhstan in the second half year of 2014, said Nikolay Radostovets, chair of committee of mining and metallurgic industry of presidium of national business chamber.

"We plan to do it in the second half of this year. We will use the experience of Asian states, European states. I can't say which country we will be based on, but we will choose the best," he said.

"The draft ecological code will be developed among the business communities for the first time. We want to make it alternative, but perhaps, the Government will follow it and will be based on it. We want to include the best world practice in it, to draw effective schemes of states cooperation and subsoil use subjects in each procedure," he said.

In his words, the draft code will be based on the fact that subsoil users have no interest in ecology improvement in the state.

"Maslikhats decide how many payments to take next year (ecological fees-KazTAG). Subsoil users don't know where this money flows, even population does not know. In many cases there has been untargeted money use. The money which was supposed to improve the situation in the region, go for other agendas," he said.

The initiative group is going to offer to create a fund.

"A fund which might be transparent, which will trace where the money flows, if the situation improves and what we finally get. These changes are needed not only to the business community, but also to the Government, residents, because ecological payments and situation in the region are not controlled by the society," he said.

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