CAC: Numerous violations and drawbacks discovered in Bek Air

Date: 14:13, 27-02-2020.

Almaty. February 27. KazTAG- Numerous substantial violations and drawbacks have been revealed in Bek Air company, reports the civil aviation committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of Kazakhstan.
"By the results of inspection numerous substantial violations and drawbacks have been revealed which has become the ground for termination of the certificate of the air company. It is concealing of an aviation incident, using fake pilot training certificates to get admittance to an aircraft, fictitious documents on aircraft maintenance and other violations, ” reads the report.
According to the agency, the airline did not report the real cause of the aviation incident that occurred on December 25, 2019 with the Fokker-100 UP-F1017 aircraft.
“After departure from the Nur-Sultan International Airport to Shymkent, the commander discovered a failure of hydraulic system No. 1 due to complete leakage of hydraulic fluid, which leads to a failure of flaps extension,  and failures in control of the front landing gear, elevator, ailerons, reverse and other equipment . Despite the critical situation, the commander continued the flight using emergency hydraulic system No. 2, and after landing at the airport of Shymkent the air traffic controller reported untrustworthy information as a failure of the front landing gear control," reads the report.
The committee reported that the airline issued formal certificates to pilots about completion of a retraining course on the aviation security and transportation of dangerous goods.
"The inspection revealed that in the time of classes and passing the tests, the trainees were on duty in other regions of the country,” reads the report.
According to the committee, “the facts of falsification by two airline pilots of retraining certificates for the type of Fokker 70/100 aircraft have been revealed.”
“When studying at the training center in Latvia, they could not pass a practical exam, and therefore they were given only a certificate of attending the course, which does not give them the right to get permission to fly a certain type of aircraft. Subsequently, they provided a fake certificate of successful completion of the course to the authorized body. The training center confirmed the fact of falsification of certificates," said the report.
In addition, according to the message, Bek Air JSC does not have a valid support contract from the aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. Moreover, in violation of the engineering procedures manual, the operational data of aircraft engines were not sent to the manufacturer.  Thus, the airline did not monitor the condition of aircraft engines, respectively, did not have information about their reliability and the risks of failure.
“The airline will have to submit a plan of corrective actions to eliminate all the revealed violations to the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan within 10 days. If the violations are not resolved within six months, the operator’s certificate and certificates of airworthiness will be revoked," reads the statement.

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