Call center established in Health Care Ministry due to situation with coronavirus in China

Date: 11:19, 27-01-2020.

Astana. January 27. KazTAG - A call center has been established in the Health Care Ministry of Kazakhstan due to the situation with coronavirus in China, reports the press service of the Committee for Quality and Safety of Goods and Services of the Health Care Ministry of Kazakhstan.
“Coronavirus pneumonia in China causes serious concern in the world, fake sites appeared in order to destabilize the situation in the society, whose task is to sow panic in the global information space. (...) Call center 1406, +7 717 2 76 80 43 was established in the Health Care Ministry of Kazakhstan, where the citizens of Kazakhstan can call and find out all the information on the situation about the incidence of coronavirus in the world, as well as preventive measures and the main symptoms of the disease ",  said  Yerzhan Baytanayev, official representative of the committee for quality control and safety of goods and services.
The information spread through the social networks and WhatsApp messenger that the number of infected people has reached millions,  thousands of dead and mass burning of corpses in furnaces is not true.
“The situation is under control in Kazakhstan. All border crossing points at airports, railway stations and transport crossings are equipped with thermal imagers. Medical, sanitary and border services are focused on preventing the entry of coronavirus infection from China," reads the statement.

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