Cause of poisoned children death in Shymkent to be declared after one month

Astana. November 6. KazTAG - The cause of poisoned children death in Shymkent will be declared after one month.
"The preliminary cause of children death: "Acute poisoning with unknown substance". Forensic examination is under way, the final results will be declared during a month. The territorial departments are conducting all the necessary arrangements,  the issue is under control of the chairman of the committee," said the committee for control of quality and security of goods and services of the Health Care Ministry.
The investigation revealed that the food had been cooked on the stove connected to a gas cylinder.
"The family was eating meat pockets for two days which were bought in a trade point. According to the father of the family, the semi-finished products were fresh and cooked well. The mother and the son did not eat them. The bacteriological tests of food have shown a negative result," said the message.
As it was reported, a mother and her three children poisoned in Shymkent on November 4. Two children died.

Photo source: picture from an open source