Chelyabinsk- Novosibirsk motorway flooded in Northern Kazakhstan

Date: 08:19, 18-04-2014.

Petropavlovsk. April 18. KazTAG - Chelyabinsk-Novosibirsk motorway has been flooded in North-Kazakhstan region, reports the department of emergency situations.

"Chelyabinsk-Novosibirsk motorway was flooded at the 528th km in Zarechnoye village in Petropavlovsk at 11.05 on April 18  after water level rose in the Ishimriver," reads the message.

The flow is 20 m in width and 20 sm in depth. Traffic has been blocked. Road police and technique have arrived to the place.

"No houses have been flooded in Petropavlovsk as of 12.00 on Friday. The next peak flow is expected in Petropavlovsk on April 23. It may last for 10-15 days," the department said.

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