China invested over $90 bn into states along "Belt and Road"

Date: 12:06, 22-04-2019.

Almaty. April 22. KazTAG - China has invested over $90 bn of direct foreign investments in the states of "Belt and road", reports Silkroadnews.
"The volume of direct investments of the Chinese companies in the economy of the states located along the "Belt and road" went over $90 bn since 2013 until 2018 showing 5.2% annual growth. The investments of Chinese companies in creation of the trade-economic zones in the states long "Belt and Road" develop industry in the regions, 300 000 people have found employment," said the Ministry of Commerce of China.
The volume of trade between China and the states along "Belt and Road" has reached $6 trln since 2013 until 2018 (4% annual growth), which makes 27.4% in the cumulative volume of goods trade with China.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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