China plans to construct several APSs for energy sector development

Date: 05:31, 21-04-2014.

Almaty. April 21. KazTAG - China has formulated the principles of  new energy policy, reports

"The authorities of China reported that in the near future they plan to initiate several big energy projects, including construction of atomic and hydro-power stations," reads the message.

The statement was made by Chinese Prime Minister  Li Keqiang. Beijing hopes the investments into infrastructural objects may boost declining economy. Earlier the official said China planned to take some measures to stimulate the economy.

In his words, the projects in the energy sector "will become important measures to stabilize growth and improve energy security, they will also boost revision of energy structure and change the development route.

Earlier the Chinese authorities indicated that the economy of China would be reconsidered from the development model, targeted on export, to the model of growth, based on domestic consumption.

According to the Prime Minister China needs to launch several atomic stations in the eastern coast, and construct several hydro-power stations in order to protect the environment.

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