Closed format of Kazakhstani Government work gives rise to many questions - comment

Date: 05:33, 28-04-2014.

Almaty. April 28. KazTAG - The statement of the Government concerning closed character of the sessions caused ambiguous response in the society. KazTAG applied to Aidar Alibayev, chair of "Finpoterebsoyuz" public union asking to comment on the situation.

"The statement of Gulshara Abdykalikova, Vice Prime Minister that the sessions of the Government would be closed for mass media gave rise to many questions. How much do the members of the Government understand (or do not understand) what they are working for? For the country's development and improvement of people's life? In this case why should they hide from the press which will tell people about the plans of the Government, work and effectiveness, about the plans and results, they will show, how much Ministers take care about the state and its people?" said Alibayev.

In his words, Vice Prime Minister Abdykalikova declared that the Government is working in a very active mode.

"Why don’t they share it, what is the reason of this very active mode and what it gives to us? Or she emphasizes that many tasks need solution in the near future, thus, the work is very active. If so, the Ministers might share these tasks with people. Eventually, it is done for people. Press coverage is the only channel which can show what is going on in the Government," he said.

"There is one more question which concerns me a lot: how much is the head of the Government aware of the statement made by Abdykalikova? As before that Karim Kazhimkanovich (Massimov-KazTAG) was open for the press, actively communicated with people in the Twitter and even broadcasted the sessions of the Government in the on-line regime. What has happened after not long period of his stay in the chair of head of Presidential Office, he turned to be closed? What is the cause of this transformation? Or is it initiative of Vice Premier Abdykalikova?" he said.

"I think that simple perplexity, professional weakness, crisis in terms of effective proposals and skillful governance of the state are behind the reason of   closedness for press. I think our top managers in the Government cannot implement, and even propose serious steps for the country development. For this reason they are hiding from the press. Do we need such Ministers?" he concluded.

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