Communists have not decided on the candidate to presidential post

Date: 11:47, 10-04-2019.

Astana. April 10. KazTAG - The communist people's party of Kazakhstan has not decided on the candidate to the presidential post in Kazakhstan.
"The political bureau of the central committee of the party has decided to hold an early session dedicated to the presidential election on April 26 where the question about a candidate from the party will be settled. The party will take part in the early presidential election," said Aikyn Konurov, head of the fraction People's Communists.
He said "the most dignified candidate will be selected who will represent the party as a presidential candidate".
"I am a secretary of the central committee of the party and I cannot make individual statements. We are based on the principle of democratic centralism. If the majority of the delegates decide to promote me as a candidate I will agree," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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