Companies of Dosayev and Kapparov have direct relation to sheeting of defect pipes at Kashagan

Date: 05:17, 24-04-2014.

Atyrau. April 24. KazTAG - The companies of members of Kazakhstani Government Yerbolat Dosayev and Nurlan Kapparov have direct relation to sheeting of the pipes at Kashagan field, where oil production has been suspended for indefinite period of time, said a source in akimat of Atyrau region.,

"Ersai (Ersai Caspian Contractor-KazTAG) is closely connected with the Italians from Saipem where half of the stake is held by Ministers Dosayev and Kapparov. The Italians are general contractors on pipelaying and welding. Of course, when Dosayev says that "Ersai" is not relevant to these operations, may be he is right. But we know in Atyrau that they were involved in the sheeting works in the process of the pipeline construction. They officially reported about that on the site of the company," said the source.

We found a corporate site of "Ersai Caspian Contractor", where we found interesting facts in the section "Ersai as a part of Saipem company".  Here is an interesting part: "Within the frameworks of this project (Kashagan-KazTAG) "Saipem" is a contractor side on three contracts: piles and flare devices, main pipelines and drilling works. The works of the first and second contracts were partially transferred to sub-contractor organization "Er Sai" (Ersai-KazTAG).

"The main pipeline: production and installation of the pipeline (ground and naval) on the field, line construction connecting production with onground communications. Another part of works on the contract conducted by the Ersai group stipulates sheeting of the pipe. There will be three types of pipelines: gasmain, pipeline and gas management line. The total length- 97 km, of them 53 are underwater, then several kilometers transit zone to the 65th km and 32 km on the ground," reads the statement.

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