Complaint on case of detained journalist in Astana got into court's room without ID

Date: 16:04, 01-04-2019.

Astana. April 1. KazTAG - Gulnar Turarbekova, 17, who is a complaint in the case of Svetlana Glushkova, journalist, detained in Astana on Nauryz, has got into a court's room without an ID.
"We are waiting for the second party. Unfortunately, she had no ID with her," said  bailiff in the court's room in the broadcast in the social network on Glushkova's page.
At the beginning of the hearing Turarbekova was in the court's room.
"How did she go through the checkpoint into the court's room? There are two or three police officers. Other people could not get through without an ID. She is an adult, a party of the hearing, how did you identify her if she got into the court's room without an ID," wondered the public in the court's room.
The bailiff said police officers are responsible for the incident.
By that moment Turarbekova returned into the court's room. She was reluctant to answer the questions and was always hiding her face.
Glushkova wrote in her page that judge Asya Doshanova was challenged, the hearing was postponed until 16.00

Photo source: azattyq

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