Complaint on Chelah's case registered in UN committee for human rights

Date: 10:20, 24-02-2015.

Almaty. February 24. KazTAG - The complaint on the criminal case of Vladislav Chelah has been registered in the UN committee for human rights, said Svetlana Hizhnichenko, lawyer of Kazakhstani international bureau for human rights and legality observance.
"We have sent the complaint, it has been registered in the UN committee for human rights," she said.
The complaint was sent in the Russian language.
"It includes 62 pages, we did not translate it in English, it has many attached documents, we decided to send it in the Russian language, they have experts who consider complaints in the Russian language," she said.
In her words, it is impossible to voice even approximate date of consideration.
"It is an open issue, we cannot say when it happens, they consider applications in their structure, we cannot know the date. It is a long term procedure, definitely not in a month or two. In addition, the complaint is very big in volume," she said.

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