Concentration of pollution in the air of Almaty significantly exceededs the dangerous level

Date: 13:31, 20-01-2021.

Almaty. January 20. KazTAG - The concentration of pollution in the air of Almaty has significantly exceeded the level dangerous for human body.
“Values (PM2.5, fine particulate matter in micrograms per cubic meter - KazTAG) above 500 in the center are rare. It's scary to go outside. Take care of yourself. Nobody but us will help us, ”ecologist Pavel Aleksandrov, who is implementing the AirKaz.Org project, wrote on his social network page.
According to the map of Almaty, in some areas of the city PM2.5 values of 480, 503 and 508 μg / cubic meter were recorded on January 19, with average values for this time of the year in the region of 100-120 PM2.5, which, at the same time, also are considered quite high.
The main danger of PM2.5 is that they accumulate in the human body gradually and the consequences of their accumulation begin to affect only over time.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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