Consultations between US and Iran lasted for more than 7 hours prior to negotiations of "six powers"

Date: 10:24, 23-02-2015.

Almaty. February 23. KazTAG - The negotiations between the US and Iran on the nuclear program were held in Geneva, reports the TASS news agency.
"The bilateral consultations which lasted for more than 7.5 hours on Friday with a short break where held on the level of deputy heads of foreign departments - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Aragchi and Deputy State Secretary of US Wendy Sherman. The meeting involved Deputy Head of the Foreign Service of EU Helga Schmidt," reads the message.
This round of negotiations will last for four days. US State Secretary John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif would join the negotiations on February 22-23. The parties aspire to agree the political part of the agreement on regulation of the nuclear problem of Iran until March 24. However, there are still discords between the US and Iran concerning technical details. The parties still have not reached any agreement upon the parameters of uranium enrichment and the number of centrifuges, the validity term of the future comprehensive agreement, which will restrict the development of Iranian atomic energy.

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