Convict in Aktobe addressed to Tokayev about absurd court’s verdict

Date: 16:53, 25-10-2019.

Almaty. October 25. KazTAG - Almaz Kuzhagaliyev, sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, on charges of oil theft has addressed a message to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, and indicated absurd of the verdict.
"A special operation headed by the NSC on suppression of oil theft by the members of the organized criminal group "Four Brothers" was conducted on December 7 2016 at Aktobe oil refinery. The NSC operation was broadcasted on the central TV channels. Unfortunately, no reports covered the fact that not a single ton of stolen or unregistered oil have been discovered in the time of the investigation at the Aktobe refinery which lasted for two years," said Almaz Kuzhagaliyev in his open letter.
He said the expert reports disprove the alleged theft of 13 thousand tons of crude oil and confirmed that the question concerned refined petroleum products.
“The judge  (of specialized inter-district court for criminal cases of the Aktobe region Altynbek - KazTAG) Sabyrov issued an unlawful decision, ignoring all the defense arguments that might fully justify the defendants,” said the statement.
According to Kuzhagaliyev, there was no crime at all, since the detained cars did not contain oil, there was no motive for the crime, since even the court confirmed that the defendants did not have any criminally acquired property, the forensic economic examination confirmed that the alleged crime was economically meaningless, as it would lead to losses. Moreover, neither the investigation nor the court were able to identify persons who executed the crime and even the witnesses who would point to them.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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