Cost of ".kz" and ".каз" domens increased in Kazakhstan

Date: 12:30, 15-01-2015.

Almaty. January 15. KazTAG - The cost of national domains  «.kz» и «.каз» has increased in Kazakhstan.
"In order to eliminate misbalance between the cost of registration (support)  of domain names and the cost of annual maintenance of domain names in the Kazakhstani Internet segment, provision of further development of system of domains registration and repayment of registrar’s work I am calling "since January 15 2015 to fix the tariff price for registration services for support of domain names to 1820 tenge; define the minimal cost of registration of domain names at 3000 tenge for retailers and 2800 tenge for wholesale customers: define the minimal cost of services at 3 000 tenge plus 12% for non payers of VAT in retail and 2800 tenge plus 12% for wholesale customers," reads the decree of president of association of Kazakhstani IT companies Nurlan Isin.

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