Crime executive committee refused to transfer Maks Bokayev to colony at place of residence in Atyrau

Date: 15:14, 30-09-2019.

Almaty. September 30. KazTAG - The crime executive committee of Kazakhstan has refused to transfer civil activist Maks Bokayev to a colony at the place of residence in Atyrau, said Talgat Ayan, his mate and political activist.
"Today the political prisoner Maks Bokayev called from a colony. Maks said that he applied to the crime executive committee and requested to transfer him to a colony at the place of residence in Atyrau but he has got a written refusal. The refusal said that he has no abetments. Although paying sentence at the place of residence is the right guaranteed by the crime executive code," he said.
He reminded that Bokayev has been paying sentence for three years and four months "for raising the question about land reform".
"The UN committee, the international organizations for human rights have recognized Maks Bokayev as a prisoner of conscience sentenced for his beliefs," he said.
He has called the people of Kazakhstan to take part in the flash mob in support of Bokayev.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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