Criminal case still not opened against deputy akim of district in Western Kazakhstan running over three people

Date: 09:39, 08-04-2014.

Uralsk. April 8. KazTAG - On the base of medical test a criminal case may be opened in respect of deputy akim of the district in Western Kazakhstan driving drunk and running over 3 people. 

"A driver of Toyota Camry ran over three pedestrians on April 6 and escaped from the scene. 10-15 minutes later police detained the car driven by Baraliyev A. According to the conclusion of the medical test  the driver was in average drunk condition. He denied the runover fact," reports the press-service of the department of internal affairs.

On April 7 his guilt was proved and administrative protocols were drawn up. On the base of the medical test the question of criminal case institution will be raised. According to the police, 9 year old girl, her mother and 20 year old woman suffered in the accident.

39 year old Abzal Baraliyev currently takes the post of deputy akim of Terektinsk district in Western Kazakhstan region.

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