CSTO leaders call to obey regulations of nuclear non proliferation treaty

Date: 09:11, 24-12-2014.

Almaty. December 23. KazTAG - The leaders of CSTO member states advocate performance of regulations of treaty of nuclear non proliferation, reads a joint statement of CSTO member states.
"We are the heads of CSTO member states, keep on advocating rigorous performance of the regulations of the treaty on nuclear non proliferation. We are calling the states signing the protocol on security guarantees in the treaty zone to soonest ratification dated May 5 2014, which considerably contributes into strengthening of regional and international security, strengthening of global regime of nuclear non proliferation," reads the statement posted at kremlin.ru.
The CSTO leaders believe that release of the world from the threat of mass destruction weapons including nuclear ones is one of important priorities of the world community.

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