Culture Minister of Kyrgyzstan has been asked to stop baking patty cakes in theatres

Date: 08:57, 12-05-2014.

Almaty. May 12. KazTAG - Vice Prime Minister on Social Affairs Elvira Saroyeva ordered Kamilya Taliyeva, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Information of Kyrgyzstan, to stop baking patty cakes in the theatres, reports the KyrTAG news agency.

"We negotiated relieve of cultural organizations from non-core use since July 1, we must consider this issue, because patty cakes are baked in all the theatres," she said.

Taliyeva in her turn said that heads of the theatres are forced to do this. "Only 1% is allocated for culture from the budget. Heads of cultural institutions are forced to do this. I also want to bring order there, but the conditions are like that," she said.

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