Current account of payment balance showed $5.5 bln surplus in Q1

Date: 04:02, 15-05-2014.

Almaty. May 15. KazTAG - According to preliminary estimation of the National Bank, the current account of payment balance showed $5.5 bln surplus in January-March 2014 against $2.2 bln in the same period in 2013.

The current account was improved due to improvement of trade balance surplus in Q1 2013 by 28.8% to $13.3 bln ($10.3 bln in Q1 2013). Goods export increased by 10.8% to $22.7 bln, goods import reduced by 7.4% to $9.4 bln.

Net-outflow of resources on operations with primary revenues (work pay, investments and other primary revenues) are evaluated to $6.2 bln against $6.5 bln in Q1 2013.

Negative balances of international services and secondary revenues (current transfer) made up $1.4 bln or $0.2 bln correspondingly.

According to preliminary evaluation, net balance of financial account in Q1 2014 made up $1.3 bln ($0.7 bln in Q1 2013).

Net acquisition of financial assets showed negative sum to $0.5 bln, net incurrence of liabilities made up $2.1 bln. The negative misbalance (net inflow) on operations of direct investments increased from $2 bln in Q1 2013 to $2.6 bln in Q1 2014.

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