Customs fees on cars import may be retained only for transition period in Kyrgyzstan after CU accession

Date: 03:40, 26-05-2014.

Astana. May 26. KazTAG - Kyrgyzstan may retain the current customs fees on cars import after its accession in the Customs Union only for a limited period of time, said Timur Zhaksylykov, Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan.

"We had a transition period, it is possible. I'd like to remind we had a 1.5 years transition period (2010-Julye 2011- KazTAG) when we applied our previous rates. Thus we will advocate approximately the same conditions for Kyrgyzstan taking in account our border. It should be clear and limited period of time," he said.

In his words the road map on Kyrgyzstan accession to the Customs Union has not been adopted yet.

"It has been coordinated with Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, but Kyrgyzstan has not adopted it yet, it is still a project," he said.

"It is clear that the terms of products circulation at the uniform market must be equal. Otherwise there will be distortions and goods crossflow. We are not interested in it. Thus it won't be( long term cars import to Kyrgyzstan on old rates-KazTAG). This intention of Kyrgyzstan is not supported by any of three states," he resumed.

On May 23 Temir Sariyev, Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan, declared that after accession of Kyrgyzstan to the CU the cost of imported cars won’t be increased for personal use.

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