Daughter of deputy head of financial police involved in mortal traffic accident in Karaganda

Date: 04:09, 15-05-2014.

Karaganda. May 15. KazTAG - Meruert Shabakbayeva, daughter of Marat Shabakbayev, deputy head of the agency for combating economic and corruption criminality, has been involved in a traffic accident in Karaganda in which two people died.

"She was very drunk. She was screaming and many people heard that: "I am a daughter of a General, you are so and so, I will do this and that to you". Her father works as a deputy head of the Agency for Combating Economic and Corruption Criminality Marat Shabakbayev," said Eugeniya Tokmakova, sister of one of deceased people.

In her words, currently Shabakbayeva is in  hospital.

"They say she had a broken rib and concussion, and she is in hospital. I went there, tried to talk to her. Her mother went out and talked to me. She just said" It's not her fault", that's all. Then her father said she does not remember anything. First they said she was not at the wheel, she wasn't drunk, now they say she doesn't remember anything," said Tokmakova.

She added, the woman would hardly stay alive if she were sitting on the passenger sit.

"Most likely she was driving. She wouldn't have survived if she had been at the passenger seat. The driver's side is undamaged, even it is easy to open the door, the passenger side is absolutely destructed. The boy (who was in Shabakbayeva car-KazTAG) had so severe injures (...) just on that side where the hit came," she added.

She applied with request to the witnesses of the traffic accident to provide records from video registrars and report the details of the accident.

Meanwhile, Zhanatay Sembekov, head of DIA press-service of Karaganda region confirmed the accident fact.

"Subaru and NIVA collided. Both drivers died on the scene. Subaru passenger, woman, was taken to hospital. Criminal case was instituted on the fact, investigation is underway," he said.

The accident happened in the morning on May 8 in Karaganda at the 15th highway.

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