Death of 13 years old boy investigated in Shymkent

Almaty. August 15. KazTAG - Death of 13 years old teenager is being investigated in Shymkent, reports the police department.
"The police of Shymkent are conducting investigation in order to reveal the circumstances of death of 13 years old teenager on August 12. (...) Pretrial investigation is being conducted under p.1 Art.104 (manslaughter)," reads the message. had reported that 13 years old boy died in Shymkent who had been treated by a healer. Ambulance arrived on August 12 at 22.00 to the boy's house born in 2006, however, the boy had died before the ambulance arrival. According to one version, the boy could have died because a healer was treating his arm fracture.

Photo source: picture from an open source