Delay of litigation on defective vehicles is economically advantageous to "Asia Auto" plant - judge

Date: 05:22, 07-04-2014.

Almaty. April 7. KazTAG - "Asia Auto" plant tends to use all legal avenues to postpone the compensation payment for defective cars and, consequently, to save money in the company's turnover , said Igor Zharov, judge of Ust-Kamenogorsk city court.

"In the first instance two months are given for hearing, they ( the legal department of " Asia Auto " - KazTAG) tend to use it fully - they appeal, appoint examination, one more month goes to pass the second instance , and then for six months they can apply a complaint  in the third instance and up to the Supreme Court , that is at least six months that they win without removing millions from their turnover and we can see economic calculation here, it is beneficial for the company , " he said.

According to the judge, there are five cases on defective vehicles production by "Asia Auto" in the court  but they completely deny their guilt , " even though it was obvious ." At the same time , according to Zharov , the company aspires to settle an agreement with the customers which shows indirect admission of guilt.

"For example, they reached an agreement with the buyer  of " Lada " car, in fact they took money from him, a rural guy- repatriate took another model and paid extra money for it," he said.

The cases concern various defects including unrepairable defects such as creaking body ( weld defects ) , absence of anti-corrosion coating and others that require replacement of the cars.

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