Depositing principle for social medical insurance to be announced in April

Date: 14:39, 13-01-2015.

Astana. January 13. KazTAG - The principle of identification of the size of deposits of employed people in Kazakhstan for social medical insurance will be announced after completion of work on the concept of introduction of social medical insurance in April 2015, reports the Ministry of Health Care and Social Protection.
"Within the frameworks of the concept development the structure of social medical insurance will be defined as well as the functions of fund of social medical insurance, the Government, the authorized body in the field of health care and other parties of the system, and also the principles defining the volume of insurance deposits of people, deposits of the state, and formation of the list of guaranteed volume of free medical aid," reads the written reply to KazTAG's request.
According to the Ministry the draft concept is planned to be finalized "until April 2015, after that an appropriate draft law will be developed".

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