Deputy akim of West Kazakhstan region escaped criminal responsibility after running over 3 pedestrians

Uralsk. April 17. KazTAG - Abzal Braliyev, ex deputy akim of Terektinsk district of West-Kazakhstan region, who ran over three pedestrians in drunken condition will be charged administrative penalty.

"Abzal Braliyev has been attracted to administrative responsibility on two articles: 467 part 3  (driving in drunken condition and causing traffic accident) and article 469 (escaping from scene of traffic accident). All three pedestrians abandoned medical tests and have claims to Braliyev. The details of reconciliation are unknown," reports the department of internal affairs.

As reported Braliyev ran over 3 pedestrians walking on the sidewalk on April 6 and escaped from the scene. Several minutes later he was detained by police. Several days later he resigned on his own wish.