Deputy asking Government to regulate work of international NGOs in Kazakhstan

Date: 09:27, 15-05-2014.

Astana. May 15. KazTAG - The activity of international non governmental organizations (NGOs) is non transparent in Kazakhstan and it needs regulation, said Dulat Kustavletov, Senate deputy.

"My deputy request is addressed to Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov and it concerns the problem of poor regulation of activity of international non governmental organizations in our country," he said in his request to the Prime Minister.

He added his concern is connected "with how NGOs are used in the global informational confrontation" becoming one of the strongest influence tools" in respect of the world events.

"The proof to that is color revolutions, internet-riots, flash mob revolutions which take place throughout the world. These and other challenges are consequences of poor regulation of state structure and a serious global problem which needs attention," he said.

He believes it is worth remembering that work of not all such organizations " has creative character".

"Spread and introduction of destructive information through NGOs may result in negative consequences for the world and destabilize society. Authorities should pay attention on this problem in terms of strengthening legality and nationhood, eliminating this vacuum of public life," he said.

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