Despite manat devaluation, Azeri petrol won't get cheaper for Kazakhstan - expert

Date: 15:26, 23-02-2015.

Almaty. February 23. KazTAG - Despite manat devaluation Azeri petrol won't be cheaper than Russian for Kazakhstan, said Sergey Smirnov, expert in oil and gas sector.
"No, why (should Kazakhstan buy petrol in Azerbaijan-KazTAG)? We have quite cheap Russian petrol. The petrol from Azerbaijan will need to be loaded in a tanker, carried through the Caspian sea, and reload again. It will be more expensive than Russian petrol," he said to KazTAG reporter.
In his words, despite reduction of petrol and diesel fuel prices in Kazakhstan, transportation fees remained unchanged.
"Transportation fees remained unchanged, nobody reduced them, I think the situation there is the same," he said.
In addition the expert is skeptical concerning shipments from Azerbaijan.
"I have not seen any glut of Azeri products. Transportations are costly. Even if their goods get cheaper, transportation costs remain unchanged," he said.

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