Disabled people apply to police and courts only in 2% of cases in Kazakhstan

Date: 15:27, 16-08-2019.

Almaty. August 16. KazTAG - People with disabilities apply to police only in 2% of cases, reports the Association of women with disabilities Shyrak.
"People with disabilities apply to police, courts and other law enforcement and legality only in 2 % of cases," reads the research conducted among disabled people and experts working in protection of human rights of disabled people in 2018-2019 within the frameworks of the social project "Strengthening of opportunities of national human rights institutions for promotion of rights of disabled people" of the Center of Support of Civil Initiatives.
The union said there are different reasons for this:  stereotypes, low level of legal literacy of disabled people, disbelief in positive result, lack of physical access to the buildings, lack of funds to cover legal services, mistrust, fears, and lack of information.
38% of interrogated people applied to public organizations, 29%- to the akimat, 19%- to advisor on rights of disabled people under the akimat or the ministry,  12%- to deputies or political parties, attorney for human rights -0%.
In half of the cases,  the right to medical care for people with disabilities is violated, the right for work is violated in 20% of cases , for 17% - to information, for 11% - to education.
Also, these basic rights are violated in polyclinics and hospitals - 42%, work collectives - 16%, in the process of studying - 14%, in social protection bodies - 10%, in transport or on the street - 9%.

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