Discounts are given to foreign brands of the shopping and entertainment center in Kazakhstan, while Kazakhstani brands cannot get there

Date: 16:06, 21-09-2020.

Astana. September 21. KazTAG - Trade and entertainment centers in Kazakhstan offer discounts to foreign brands, while Kazakhstani brands cannot get there, according to the concept of the draft law "On industrial policy".
“The high proportion of imports in the light industry has become the reason for strengthening of the strategic and commodity dependence of the state. The presence of a large number of imported products from foreign states has puts domestic producers in a vulnerable position. Imported products, mainly from the countries of Southeast Asia and China, are significantly lower in price and quality, but at the same time they meet modern fashion trends and therefore are more competitive, ”reads the concept presented by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan.
"The garment industry is forced to use imported fabrics, yarn, threads, accessories, which are practically not produced in Kazakhstan," which "entails the high cost of products and their inability to compete in price with imported products." Therefore, the department concludes that “domestic manufacturers are losing the game".

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